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A divorce can be financially devastating, and unfortunately, the sting of this bite into family wealth very often affects one spouse unfairly and for many years into the future.  It does not have to be this way – but knowledge of the facts, proper planning, and analysis by financial experts is the key to obtaining the best possible outcome.  We do not take the place of competent legal representation, but we provide the financial expertise to arm our clients and their attorneys with the information necessary to obtain the best possible settlement for the client’s long-term wellbeing.  Consideration of each client’s unique financial circumstances and strategy is a major component of any divorce and is best addressed as soon as possible when a divorce is likely.


Through our association with Barb & Company, PA Certified Public Accountants, we work with clients and their attorneys to navigate through the many aspects of the divorce which will impact future financial security including:

  • Locating, collecting, and organizing the necessary financial data and preparation of the financial declaration required by the court;
  • Preparation of comprehensive and supportable long-term after-tax cash flow analysis;
  • Net worth analysis, including detail on the liquidation of funds needed to meet future needs;
  • Uncovering assets the spouse may have underreported or may not want the client to know about;
  • Consideration of children's long-term and varying support needs;
  • Looking at the costs and benefits of keeping the home and other assets versus selling them or offering them to the spouse;
  • Evaluating the financial issues to consider regarding retirement plans;
  • Evaluating the tax implications of varying scenarios;
  • Consideration of the impacts of closely held business interest
  • Helping clients avoid the most nasty and unexpected tax consequences of poorly structured alimony and child support settlements.
  • Analysis of major future expenditures such as college;
  • For clients who have not yet engaged the services of a family law attorney, tips on how to seek out the most suitable attorney.

For some clients, a collaborative divorce may be the best option for them, as it offers a model based on open, respectful communication and negotiation of all the matters to be resolved between the spouses.  This method seeks to limit the animosity and preserve emotional and financial resources for the family.   Visit to learn more about this revolutionary team-based alternative to the traditional, adversarial approach to ending a marriage.


Whether spouses choose the traditional court-based approach or a collaborative divorce, the financial analysis of various settlement proposals is complex and requires specialized skills and sophisticated software that accurately illustrates how specific settlement decisions will impact clients over the long-term. This detailed analysis of both short and long-term effects is designed to produce the most desirable outcome for our clients while reducing the chances of unanticipated or hazardous surprises down the road.


There is enough emotional pain, uncertainty, and turmoil involved in a divorce without adding a financial catastrophe.  The oft expressed phrase “I didn’t know what I was doing, and it cost me a fortune” is a sad commentary of what happens when the financial aspect of divorce is not tackled with proper expertise.  Since many of the financial decisions made and their results are permanent, divorce financial planning is very much about protecting our clients’ future.